Beauty in Data

Data in a Logical Structure in the Cloud

Creating beauty in organising data in a systematic manner and retrieving information in real time on demand.

Beauty in the eyes of the beholder; PHP & MySQL/MariaDB, great companions.

  1. POS – a fix & rigid, task based process script.
  2. Logic script – Maid Agency with filter.
  3. Grocery Crud – a direct interaction with data in tables.
  4. WordPress – a contents platform with many possibilities. Wellsprings’ landing page shows ease of setting up contents site :
  5. Shopping Cart – a place to buy-sell products/services. Wellsprings Online showcases a marketplace .. opencart is a good start.
  6. Barcode Generator – created a 16×4 A4 38mm x 15mm EAN-128ABC to generate and print 1D barcode.
  7. Reporter – see real-data on a click with a SELECT query.
  8. CSV downloader – download a SELECT query in CSV format.
  9. Database Management. Writing SQL statements to query tables for data manipulation requires some focus and attention to fields. Using line commands in mysql prompt> enables good control over a GUI like phpMyAdmin. Importing huge datafiles breaks web based phpMyAdmin. A good learning curve.
  10. Script performance is another issue to spend time and resources on. Image management and compression play a big part. Missing images or broken links degrade script performance.
  11. Open Source projects appeal to me. Community scrutiny counts a lot toward development and security.
  12. the list goes on and on … limited only by our creativity and time.
  13. For our backend, we use as our host and as our OS agent. Exploring as well.

There is absolute control over beauty, script, logic and data in pairing these two companions; PHP & MySql/MariaDB. Free to create and see data in formatted manner in real-time. Codeigniter framework is a delight to work with. CI4 proves to be a challenge too.

In Windows environment, Visual FoxPro offers a limited but meaningful rapid local development on your machine. dBASE script can be deployed within days either as a compiled .exe script or in its native environment. Lots of fun with C:>prompt line commands. Brings back the older days.

Tindering with Python. Good fun. Anvil Works is a good platform to learn and to host Python projects for free. Open Source.

Spinning up server with Digital Ocean and Runcloud is so much easier these days. Deploying LAMP stack on Ubutun is a few clicks comparing to many lines of commands needed to set the environment, install and config Apache, then pair with Nginx to maximise performance. Fiddle with the .htacess takes some doing.

Not only data but graphics too. CorelDraw to generate vector graphics exacts some sweat over many weeks. Moving onto Open Source project like GIMP & Synfig is going to take some time too.

LibreOffice Draw has some good features.